A cost-effective alternative for projection mapping on moving objects

Skinspiel is my graduation project for computer engineering at Chulalongkorn University. It proposed a low-cost alternative for performing projection mapping on moving objects.

Projection mapping is the technique of projecting video and image on the surface of physical objects in order to distort their appearance in the view of the audience. One of the challenges of projection mapping on moving objects is that it requires the tracking of object orientation in real-time. The task usually requires high-grade motion tracking equipments e.g. infrared motion trackers. Skinspiel provides a cost-effective way to achieve similar results with off-the-shelf hardware and fiducial tracking in cases that some visual clutter on the object is tolerable.

To demonstrate the approach, a proof of concept system was implemented in C++ with OpenFrameworks. It included simple tools for camera-projector calibration and model/media alignment.